Mrs. Olufunke A. Orude.

May Baba's soul rest in peace. Amen. Baba rere, Baba atata.

Folorunsho Victor Kehinde

I can remember the day I met Otunba at First City Plaza elevator, where the security men had wanted to prevent me from entering because he was about to enter, but to my surprise, he requested that they should allow me in with him. Indeed, an ICON has gone. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Abiodun Daria

The Grandmaster! I never met you sir but I learnt a lot from you. Your resilience, your passion and can do spirit from those you mentored seeped through. Thank you for your service sir, you were undoubtedly the Grandmaster of Nigerian indigenous banking and financial services business. Rest well, you deserve it.


You're indeed a trailblazer, I was brought up and bred in ijebu ode, you're among those that place this town on a global scale and also contribute immensely to it's growth and that of Nigeria's. You'll be greatly missed sir Rest in peace Otunba Tunwase

Bolaji Okusaga

A great man departs. There is no describing you. You lived your purpose and stayed true to your calling. May your illustrious soul find true rest in the bosom of our Lord.

Ijebu Kingdom Media

When a person becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. You have lived a life, full of love. You will live on in our hearts. You made the world a brighter place. You will be dearly missed. For all the joy you gave Ijebuland, may you rest peacefully. Thank you for everything you ever did in Ijebuland, in Ogun State and in Nigeria, you will forever remain in our thoughts and hearts. Goodbyes are often hard to say, they hurt so very much. Nlee oOoo Omo Ijebu, Omo alare, Omo Awujale, Omo arojo joye, Omo alagemo ogun woyowoyo, Omo aladiye ogogomoga, Omo adiye balokun omilili, Ara orokun, Ara o radiye, Omo ohun seni oyoyonyo, Oyoyo mayomo ohun seni olepani, Omo dudu ile komobe se njosi, Pupa tomo be se okuku sinle, Omo moreye mamaroko, Morokotan eye matilo, Omo moni isunle mamalobe, Obe tin benile komoile baba tobiwan lomo, Nlee oOoo Omo onigbo ma’de, Omo onigbo mawo mawo, Omo onigbo ajoji magbodowo, ajoji tobawo gboro yio di ebora ile baba tobi wan lomo. Ijebu omo ere niwa, Omo olowo isembaye, Kowo kudi to dode, Koto dowo eru, Koto dowo omo. Orisa jendabi onile yi, Niwan finpe igba ijebu owo, Kelebe ijebu owo, ito ijebu owo, dudu ijebu owo, Pupa ijebu owo, Kekere ijebu owo, Agba ijebu owo. May you rest in peace in God's heaven In God's arms may you gently rest We Loved You But God Loved You More! SIGNED: Ijebu Kingdom Media

Otunba Festus Adeleke Adesina, Asiwaju of Ikenne Remo.

Quintessential, Man Of Many Parts. If I were God , I would wish that you stay with us forever. But life is short and youth is fleeting. I am consoled that yours was a life well spent; adventurous, daring, successful and fulfilling. You lived your life according to your rules and understanding. You were a man of great taste, posh and pageantry. A visionary, philanthropist and a founder of an empire. Dear egbon, the mentorship and support role you played in my life is inimitable and invaluable. You accorded me the honour of hosting the cutting of my 70th birthday cake in year 2009. That memory will remain with me forever. You were never dismissive of any good cause; able, willing and ready to champion it. You were firm; yet considerate, elegant; yet humble. Your usual aplomb in dressing and style epitomized your avowed personality; royal, sagacious, affluent and pure. May your gracious soul find eternal rest with the Lord.

Julius Okotako

The accolades, salutations, titles, tributes, etc to describe aspects of the great Otunba Subomi Balogun cannot be exhausted and rightly so because he sowed into uncountable worthy ventures for the benefits of all and sundry. Given his rightly earned larger than life status, l will talk briefly about the part of him that we thought we knew but for which he remains the ultimate professor emeritus-Human Capital Identification, Recruitment, Development, & Retention. Otunba Subomi Balogun's investments in the human capital growth of his employees is unmatched. He established a structure of head hunting for the best talents available in the world, and lavished energy, and time, on these hires with the objective of bringing out their best versions. Under his leadership, a sizable percentage of earnings was set aside for the training of employees and it was mandatory for employees to submit themselves to assigned training which occurred both offshore and locally in leading financial institutions worldover. Additionally, the remuneration packages as well as the related employment terms/conditions were at par with those of other leading international establishments. It was the norm for employees in the same front office group to not have physical interactions for periods ranging from two to four months due to different rigorous training schedules in different parts of the world. Added to the above were subscriptions to the best and leading banking platforms, product offerings, and educational publications. Baba believed in the marketing of value adding products and services that distinguished his institutions from competitions. A common trait in all our marketing calls was the value additions/benefits to the bottomline of the target entity. These benefits must be comprehensively demonstrated to him before he will accede to leading the call. Looking back, Baba elevated your ability to contribute at a higher level by exposing you to the best and latest worldwide standards in the theory/practice of your core area and thereafter expected you to employ your acquired knowledge to earn a decent wage for yourself. It is for this reason, amongst a host of others, that all the Otunba boys/girls worldwide are coming out of the woodwork to say a shout out in whatsoever way they deem fit to our GOD ORDAINED LEADER, LOVING FATHER, AND PATRIOTIC OTUNBA. Thankfully, his institutions will continue to renew themselves as they should but soar higher and higher because he has made the adequate provisions for their going concern through the effective upbringing, grooming, training and leadership of the four biological sons as well as the uncountable adopted sons/daughters worldwide. I remain forever grateful to Baba who told me on several occasions during my one to one interactions with him after updating him of the outcome of a marketing call will shake my hands in congratulations and reiterate that these handshakes that l am earning will translate into success for me in life. Let me end by extending my condolences to Olori, as we study Baba, may l suggest that we must study the power behind the throne! Although we never heard her voice over the years, even in her silence, she has remained not only relevant but powerful. Through her actions she has demonstrated the awesome power of silence. For those that have access to Olori, please share some of her thoughts/ knowledge with the world.


I am extremely sorry to hear about the loss. He has definitely left an indelible impact. Accept my deepest condolences. Ebi mi ni Ijebu. PAPA sunre o.

Solomon Ajekigbe

Rest on Papa,may God Almighty uphold the family he left behind in Jesus name.

Bonu Frank

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace .

Ambassador Felix Y Pwol

Otunba,Daddy,You have played your part well.Your significant contribution to the development of the Nigerian financial services sector particularly,banking ,will always be fondly remembered.May your gentle soul RIP.Amen.Wish to convey my sincere condolences to the family as well as the FCMB family.

Ogunbanjo Ayodele

May d Lord bless your soul sir.

In memory of Olasubomi Balogun

Your legacies lives on, you have contributed to the development of ijebu and Nigeria at large, may your soul rest in perfect peace.

Nsikan Essien

Otunba it was 89 fruitful years dedicated to serving and improving humanity. You touched lives with your philanthropic gestures and left footprints in the annals of human achievements. Your Father figure will be missed. Sleep On Adieu Grand Master